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15 February 2016

•My V-DAY Look•

Yesterday was Valentine's Day (2•14•16)! Weren't you all EXCITED like me? I was was excited for a completely different reason- MY MAKEUP! (Yes honey, the makeup!) My man was another reason too! I will talk about that in the next post though :) I will show you what I used for my look last night below:


1. EYEBROWS- I have naturally thick eyebrows, but to add to the DRAMATICS, I slightly darkened them with the MAC "Espresso" Eyeshadow. I used a brown shade since my hair is dark brown (Black tends to made me look SUPER weird). I then put some concealer around my brows to to clean them up and make them POP.

2. EYES- I applied MAC "Groundwork" Pro Longwear Paint Pot on my lids to set my eyes from the eyeshadow. First, I applied MAC "Saddle" Eyeshadow in my outer crease. Next, I applied MAC "Honey Lust" Eyeshadow on my lids until very vibrant. Then, I applied MAC "Amber Lights" Eyeshadow in my inner crease. Last, I applied MAC "Espresso" Eyeshadow in the outer crease, but VERY lightly (You don't want to OVERPOWER the "Saddle")

3. EYE LINER- I created a wing liner with the NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner and I must say that it was such a MAJOR breeze. It was my FIRST time, successfully, applying this and I was super excited!! (YAY me!!)

4. FOUNDATION- I applied the MAC Studio Foundation on my face in an "upward" motion. (So your face won't sag as drastically in later years)

5. HIGHLIGHTING- I applied the MAC Moisturecover Concealer to the area in between my brows in a fan shape. ( I will post a pic later). Then, I will apply the concealer under my eyes in a large side triangle, draw a line down my nose (to create a "smaller" nose), draw a line on your "philtrum" (the vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip) and highlight your chin. Then you just BLEND!!!

6. LASHES- I applied the 36 Lash MAC LASHES.

7. LIPS- I used the MAC "Nightmoth" Lip Liner to line my lips. MAC "Studded Kiss" Lipstick was applied to my lips and I used my MAC 318 Retractable Lip Brush to blend the lip liner and lipstick together. I then applied concealer around my lips to really set my lips and to see them POP...

1. TOP- Forever 21
     2. PANT- Lilly's Kloset
       3. BOOTSLilly's Kloset

Happy Valentine's Day!

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