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14 January 2018

B L A C K Style ❤

Hello guys! I love cold weather! I love the beauty, food, style, as well as the fun!!
Hope you find some inspiration with this outfit! Just because it's freezing outside doesn't mean you have to look boring while keeping warm!! See you later, boo 💋

"B L A C K Style" 'fit

Trench Coat | Victoria Swing (Buy it here)
Shades | Saks (Buy them here)
NARS Audacious Lipstick "Olivia" | Sephora (Buy it here)
Turtleneck | Banana Republic (Buy it here)
Leather Pants | Paule Ka (Buy them here)
Booties | StyleBop (Buy them here)
Textured Leather Clutch | Iris and Ink (Buy it here)


Interview with Alisha Davis

This lady right here is a mastermind of the natural hair care world. When I first came to her in August 2016, my hair was a HOT MESS !!!  But with the proper treatment, care, and more importantly patience, my hair just flourished and is still blossoming. Please check her at Real Natural Salon or see her personally at 12111 W Markham St #420,  Little Rock, Arkansas 72211 (501)353-2911

SoBeautyMarked: What made you decide to pursue your brand?

Alisha Davis - It started about eight years ago. A hairdresser friend of mine was coming out with a product called Hair Thermalizer. This product was a hydration treatment that helps you transition without breakage or having to do a Big Chop. The natural hair trend was just now hitting Arkansas. So I transitioned my whole relaxer clientele to natural by using this product. So I came up with Real Natural Solutions Salon, which I shorten it to Real Natural Salon, and my hair care line is called Real Natural Solutions. Once I did my studying and practicing and perfecting my skill in the natural hair industry, I found out that women really need advice on what to do with their hair.

SBM: What/who influences you? What/who doesn't?
AD - I’m motivated by successful entrepreneurs like, Kevin Harrington, Dale Carnegie that have created ideas, businesses and products that are profitable and life changing.

16 October 2017

💜 My Natural Journey 👑

I went through process of going NATURAL and MAN was it a long process!!! I love that creamy crack, but I haven't had a perm since October 2014. I will not do the "BIG CHOP" though because I was so scared to do it. My hair grew pretty fast but it's just something about doing that chop. I think NATURAL hair is so beautiful. My mom and my sister thought I was crazy for going through with this journey but I wanted to explore my NATURAL hair and discover my original curl pattern. I took  the process very slow. Right now, I'm wearing a wig. Next month, I'll be putting my hair in two strand twists. This is my journey....

When I visited my hair stylist last year and I told her that when I was getting perms, I had to get them every month (yes, girl... this is true) because my hair grow very fast, it's thick and unruly. She told me my hair was doing that because my hair was never meant to get a perm and it was "misbehaving" and I thought "Wow, that logic makes so much sense!"

My hair has grown soooo much!! But don't let the shrinkage fool you, I got that length boo!

Take a look into my journey....

My hair in braids, before I went Natural (June 2014)

2015 (I was flat ironing my hair (TOUGH), wearing wigs!!
I didn't know it, but I was setting my hair up for failure! 
I am OMITTING this year!

My Crochet + My Birthday (June 2017)

My set of twist (July 2016)

My flat twist up do (November 2016)

Roller Set (November 2016)

New Year's Eve Flat Iron (December 2016)

Flat twist out + Graduation (May 2017)

 Curly Girl + Memorial Day (May 2017)

My curly fro + the tattoo shop (September 2017)

My Goddess Flat twist Curl 'Do +  His Birthday (September 2017)

My Goddess Flat twist Curl 'Do +  Tam's Birthday (September 2017)

My two strand twist (October 2017)

My two strand twist (October 2017)


22 June 2017

Hey Guys!!

I know I've been MIA, but I've sooooo busy. But I will inform you guys on what I've been working on!!!

04 May 2017

I ❤ My Melanin

I love my melanin. It's pure. It's magic. It's art. It's radiant. It's raw. It's edgy. It's brilliant. It's smooth. It's luscious. It's fantastic. It's tasty. It's shiny. It's flawless. It's sensual. But most of all.... it's beautiful!


04 April 2017


As I was downtown, I started reflecting of my life and a how it a blessing to be alive and to have love. And that is what life is SIMPLY about - being alive and be loved!!

Side note :: "Don't sweat the minimal stuff boo. You GOT this!!"

My 'fit

Shades | Francesca's (Buy them here)
Top | Joseph A (old)
Pants | Forever 21 (Buy them here)
Shoes | Gianni Bini Saleemah Fringe PeepToe Pumps (Bought last year at Dillard's)
Fringe Clutch | Lilly's Kloset (old)

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