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14 January 2018

Interview with Alisha Davis

This lady right here is a mastermind of the natural hair care world. When I first came to her in August 2016, my hair was a HOT MESS !!!  But with the proper treatment, care, and more importantly patience, my hair just flourished and is still blossoming. Please check her at Real Natural Salon or see her personally at 12111 W Markham St #420,  Little Rock, Arkansas 72211 (501)353-2911

SoBeautyMarked: What made you decide to pursue your brand?

Alisha Davis - It started about eight years ago. A hairdresser friend of mine was coming out with a product called Hair Thermalizer. This product was a hydration treatment that helps you transition without breakage or having to do a Big Chop. The natural hair trend was just now hitting Arkansas. So I transitioned my whole relaxer clientele to natural by using this product. So I came up with Real Natural Solutions Salon, which I shorten it to Real Natural Salon, and my hair care line is called Real Natural Solutions. Once I did my studying and practicing and perfecting my skill in the natural hair industry, I found out that women really need advice on what to do with their hair.

SBM: What/who influences you? What/who doesn't?
AD - I’m motivated by successful entrepreneurs like, Kevin Harrington, Dale Carnegie that have created ideas, businesses and products that are profitable and life changing.

SBM: Where did your passion for writing come from/begin?
AD My grandmother, who is ninety years old, was a hairdresser her entire life and she was a widow who raised four kids while being a hairdresser. She learned how to do hair on the deceased because my grandfather was a mortician. My grandfather passed when my father was a baby so I never had a relationship with him.

SBM: What was the biggest struggle with developing your brand? What was the best part?
ADMy biggest struggle is time and money. You need more time to develop and test your ideas on your brand; or even making sure your audience is understanding what your brand does/means. Everyone and everything needs money to make ideas come to life.
The best part is being an entrepreneur and changing people’s lives with my natural hair advice and services.

SBM: What about life inspires you?
AD  God is the number one reason I am in the location I’m in right now. I was looking at another location and the commercial agent just simply asked me what I was trying to do. I stated I am opening a hair salon and then he said, “I have the perfect place. It used to be a salon and plumbing is already done. It just needs some love and a few renovations.” The first six months, I had more walk-ins than I ever had in my entire career.

SBM: How do you advertise your business?
ADMy best advertisement is word of mouth. I currently use Facebook and other social media for digital advertisements.

SBM: To what do you attribute your success?
AD - My success is driven by faith and my power within. I am a risk taker and an opportunist, meaning that I will try something if my intuition tells me it’s safe and a good idea. I believe that nothing happens by mistake. Things happen for a reason. Sometimes we miss opportunities trying to figure out why or what for. I keep an open mind and I try to be a good listener and nonjudgmental.

SBM: What do you look for in an employee?
AD - The first thing I look for is the personality and how well they receive corrective criticism. Then, I look for communication skill set. How fast do you learn and how well are your customer service skills.

SBM: If you had any advice for someone starting their own business, what would it be?
ADMy advice would be to invest in yourself. Seek help from others who have been where you are trying to go. Keep an open mind and write down your goals and desires. 
Prepare, Proclaim and Prosper!!!!

SBM: Describe your brand in THREE words:
ADReal Natural Solutions =  Love, Love, Love 

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