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11 February 2016

Interview with Ngozika O'keke

This fabulous lady is a close friend of mine, a bomb-ass SEAMSTRESS, and CEO of Ngozika O'keke Clothing. Ngozika is one of the most generous and sincere person I have ever known and I am blessed to have her in my life as a friend. I decided to interview this wonderful person and explore her brand and her success.

SoBeautyMarked: What made you decide to pursue your brand?
Ngozika O'kekeWhat made me decide to pursue my brand was knowing that nothing else would truly fulfill me. I was working in my professional field and although I found it interesting, I just knew that it really wasn't something I wanted to do every single I knew it was time to pursue my brand.

SBM: What/who influences you? What/who doesn't?
NOMy surroundings influence me immensely. The things that I see around me are always a direct influence on how I feel and what I design.

SBM: Where did your passion for sewing come from/begin?
NOFor as long as I can remember I have been making crafts, cutting and stitching things together etc so I had a very early introduction to creating. After modeling I knew for sure that I wanted to be involved in the fashion industry in a greater capacity and what better way than to combine my interest in creating things and sharing my ideals.

SBM: What was the biggest struggle with developing your brand? What was the best part?
NOThe biggest struggle with developing my brand is organizing a team of people to work together to effectively convey the brand of the message. That is still a challenge today. The best part of developing my brand has been seeing the incremental progress. When you build a business from the ground up, the small victories are the best. Seeing professionally printed clothing labels, creating hang tags, putting together a website and actually seeing people in my garments are things that make the challenges worth it.

SBM: What made you choose your current location?
NO I chose to relocate to Los Angeles and re-brand my business because I had a lot of online followers and clients from the west coast area in particular. So when I just randomly decided to move one week, despite not having family/friends there, I figured I'd just follow the money/opportunity!

SBM: How do you advertise your brand?
NOI currently advertise my brand on social media via Instagram (@NgozikaOkeke), Facebook (Ngozika Okeke Clothing), Youtube (Ngozika Okeke Clothing BTS) and on Etsy ( Each of these platforms allow me to promote the brand in a particular way targeting different audiences.

I also advertise the brand via my landing page (soon to be the brand web site)

SBM: To what do you attribute your success?
NOI attribute my success to my faith,family and perseverance. I believe that when you realize your purpose, you are persistent in making your goals come to fruition. Of course, my family have a lot to do with my success as well. They have always supported me in every endeavor I've started and that has helped me tremendously.

SBM: How do you handle life with so much negativity?
NOI breathe and make sure to re-call lists of things that I am grateful for everyday. I recently took up meditation and it has changed my life, literally.  When you can find some sort of inner peace and just bask in the things that make you happy and remind your self to breathe...negativity is not that big of a factor anymore, if at all.

SBM: If you had any advice for someone starting their own business,what would it be?
NOMy advice to anyone starting a business despite the field would be to stay true to you and what you want your brand and platform to be. In a day where things seem like an overnight success it is easy to take the quick routes to what you think will help you make money...and making money shouldn't be your focus. Of course you have to support your self, but your business should be something that makes you happy, something you love to do...something that is your passion. If it is truly your passion, the money will naturally follow.

SBM: Describe your brand in three words.

-Ngozika Okeke :)
Ngozika O'keke "To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe" -Author Unknown
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