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04 March 2016

50 Ways To Be a Woman

  1. Be Kind. First impressions are PERMANENT.
  2. Practice Good Grooming Habits.
  3. Own black lingerie.
  4. Dress your absolutely best, regardless on how you feel inside.
  5. Learn to balance a check book.
  6. Learn how to handle your liquor.
  7. Learn basic makeup tips.
  8. Be Humble.
  9. Join non-profit organizations to get involved with your community.
  10. Learning classic fashion is always a must!
  11. Stand your GROUND.
  12. Don't share all your business. Everyone is NOT your friend.
  13. Make time for your family.
  14. Have a glass of wine AT LEAST twice a week.
  15. Go to a painting class.
  16. Moderate social media usage.
  17. Learn to walk in heels.
  18. Learn to argue, appropriately.
  19. Make sure you own a black cocktail dress.
  20. Watch sports
  21. Don't limit yourself to specific music or cultures; Be eclectic.
  22. Practice good telephone manners.
  23. Never let a man disrespect you.
  24. Always accept wisdom from your elders.
  25. Never be afraid to ask for help. You are "wonderful", but you are NOT "Wonder Woman".
  26. Moisturize your face daily. You want your skin to stay "So fresh, so clean, clean..."
  27. Get an education and use it.
  28. Own a black bra as well as black panties.
  29. Be a woman a man needs, NOT a woman who needs a man.
  30. Age with dignity.
  31. Accept defeat with grace.
  32. Apologize when you're wrong.
  33. Know your worth.
  34. Learn new skills.
  35. Cross your legs.
  36. STOP gossiping.
  37. Learn a recipe and COOK IT!!
  38. Never let a man VALIDATE you.
  39. Never lower your standards.
  40. Be open-minded with others' opinions.
  41. Smile.
  42. Respect other women.
  43. Put yourself first, considerably.
  44. Wear Pink.
  45. Don't be afraid to say no.
  46. Compliment other women.
  47. Respect yourself.
  48. Keep your house clean.
  49. Have posture.
  50. Be the kind of woman you would want your daughter(s) to be. And be the kind of woman you would want your son(s) to date and eventually marry.

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