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21 April 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson • A Legend

I first fell in love with Prince with I was about 11 years old! I was getting ready for school and back in those days, VH1's Pop Up Video would come on early in the morning. A new video (in my eyes) popped on the screen, it was Prince's When Doves Cry. I INSTANTLY fell in love. This video is one my all time favorite videos. It was THAT beautiful to me. I wanted know more about this artist.. Unbeknownst, to me, I've surrounded by Prince's music as a little girl, I just didn't realize it at the time. I've always heard his song "Scandalous" at the very end of my movie Batman (1989). I wanted more music.

Prince had a unique style and vibe which set him apart from many artists. He had a charisma and charm that will never be matched. No one could touch him- the ultimate lyrical genius. Another favorite song of mine is his song Adore, which was performed with the New Power Generation. The love he felt for the person he was singing to was so divine. I've always said that this song will be my wedding song. And I Wanna Be Your Lover.. Purple Rain.. The Beautiful Ones.. Kiss.. Raspberry Beret.. Call My Name.. Diamonds and Pearls..oh!!! Just to name a few....

Every song I've ever listened to was just pure magic to my soul. The lyrics, the melody, the sensuality... I was in immediate awe. But when I got much older, I really understood his lyrics and the love he felt in his songs. Music nowadays will NEVER measure up to pure talent, it is just UNPARALLELED. I truly pity the music industry. We have truly lost a gem. He will be missed and my heart is broken.
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