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30 June 2016

♥ 30 Things I've learned in 30 Years ♥

1. Family Time
  • Time is of the essence and time spent with your family is very important. Never take this special time for granted. Bonding is very special and once times pass, you will never get this time back. Family needs to know that you love them while there are here and near.

2. Turn Up in the Kitchen
  • Learn how to cook. There are simple, yummy recipes out there that are very easy to prepare. A good meal can be very comforting for the soul. Cooking has always been therapeutic for me and it has made me feel very good to see my loved ones savor the bites.

3. The Struggle Can Get VERY real!!
  • We ALL have plans, but sometimes the order can be a little off and THAT'S OK!! I had planned many things before my 30 years, but maybe there is a reason for that. Just do the best you can and it'll all work out when the time is immaculate.

4. Circles Can Shrink...
  • As you get older, you will realize who are your friends and who are just associates. It's cool to hang out with people, but make sure that those people are positive and relevant to your life. A good test? Go through something bad and see if they will be around or just watch how these people act when things are good in your life.

5. Develop Wanderlust! Get Your Passport!
  • Traveling is such an enrichment to your life. It allows you to relax and get away from the normalcy. You can also learn new cultures and diversities. Harvard University encourages new students to defer enrollment in order to travel and explore the world. Hmm.... if Harvard is telling you to travel, at least, look into it...

6. Social Media are NOT Counseling Forums
  • People tend to dump all of their problems on social media. This can make you look bad, as well as pathetic. You are simply providing your followers/viewers with splendid entertainment. Solve your problems on your own or with a licensed professional. Never give anyone a reason to talk about you. 

7. Read, Baby, Read!
  • Pick up a book and read every once in a while. Reading expands your brain and allows you to explore the literary imagery. You will notice that your conversations will be different. Your vocabulary will also increase!

8. Mind Your Own Business!!
  •  Whatever a person has going on has NOTHING to do with you unless it involves you. You don't want to be involved with any "he said, she said" mess. This involves gossip (This is VERY true)!! Try and minimize these "conversations" and your life will be better in the long run.

9. Take Your Time, Do It Right...
  • Rushing NEVER solves anything; it only causes chaos for you in the long run. But DON'T PROCRASTINATE!! (That never ends well, either). Take the time to plan and write it down, if you need to. To ensure that whatever you are going through, take your time... it'll be worth it in the end, boo!

10. Be Selective
  • In general... Be it friends, relationships, jobs...etc. Everything is not for you and it's OK! Choose what is good for you mentally, physically, and emotionally. You are only responsible for you and when YOU are not up to par, it may take time to pick yourself back up.

11. Find Religion
  • When things go bad in your life and there is no one to turn to, religion can help. Having faith and worship can be a beautiful thing. There are so many religions out there. Pick one! Make sure it is a religion of virtue and purity.

12. Drink Wine
  • Wine is so yummy. It's full of antioxidants and it makes life just a tad smoother. If you have a bad day, drink a nice glass of wine or the WHOLE BOTTLE... whatever!

13. Abuse is NOT OK...
  • If you love someone who is abusive, keep it pushing. Love does not hurt nor does it shames. Love yourself first and when that happens, you’ll realize that you are way more important than the illusions of  a “will get better” relationship.

14. Keep Your Goals to Yourself
  • I know we all get excited about exciting news to come, but it’s best that we keep our plans hidden. There will be outside people who may not be happy for you and may try to discourage you. Things also may not happen as planned and even if they are turning out just as you have planned, it is best to keep your goals intact and to yourself.

15. Get Physical
  • Get your mind out of the gutter! I meant exercise! There are so many ailments out there that we need to make sure that we are healthy. To ensure that we live a life of longevity, eating healthy and exercising is the way to go. You will feel good and you will also look fine as wine!

16. Love Carefully...
  • It’s OK to love, but not love carelessly. Everyone is worthy of your love and affection. There are people out there who will misuse you for your kindness and it’s best to decipher who is real and who is not. Watch out, boo!

17. Find a Hobby
  • Having a hobby can be a find thing. I have many hobbies. They can be therapeutic for you, especially when you have certain things going on in your life that may be stressful. Whenever I dab in my hobbies, I always end up feeling better, especially when I don’t have my wine available, hehe…

18. Get to Steppin'!!
  • If someone walks out of your life....LET THEM. You should never convince anyone to stay in your life. Your time is just as important and valuable. You can always find someone else that will greatly appreciate your time. Be it a relationship or friendship, let them walk. Hold no hard feelings, just keep it pushing.

19. Keep Standards as High as Your Head
  • Self-explanatory, but never lower your standards. Never settle just because there may not be anything else better out there for you, whether it's a job, relationship, or friendship. If someone can't match up or keep up then they need to keep it moving.

20. Sometimes blood is NO thicker than water...
  • Family can be just as messy and petty just like outside people. Just because you guys share DNA, isn't saying much. You can easily love some family members from a distance. It's OK... they are human beings JUST like everybody else. The same emotions can run within family.. jealously, rage, anger...doesn't matter! Keep it pushing!

21. Dab into different cultures!
  • I have always believed that a person can learn from a culture different from their own. There is always room to learn about certain principles and traditions. Many cultures practice the same virtues, they just have different methods of fulfilling them. Feel free to be ECLECTIC!

22. Be Grateful..
  • I know it cliché, BUT seriously... Be grateful with what you have. If you are not happy with a situation, you can ALWAYS change it. no one is holding a gun to your head and making you deal with whatever it is you are going through. Step up and be that change. If not, savor the good moments you have. Believe me, it CAN be worse.

23. Not hitched? That's OK
  • I just knew I would be married in my 20's! Didn't happen and that is completely fine. If people pressure you to get married, DON'T LET THEM. It is better to wait for the right person than to hurry and marry the wrong person. I know many people who are married and are completely unhappy with their spouses. Never fake the funk- if you're not ready then don't jump on the bandwagon of marriage.

24. Give Back
  • There are many people in the world who will always have less than you. Always give back- whether it's through a food drive, donations, etc... You will feel great in the end and that someone has benefited from your kind gesture. A kind word or compliment to someone can even brighten their day.

25. Invest & Save
  • Start a business. Open a stock account. Most of us are not taught to invest in ANYTHING. Many conversations do not include financial freedom and that is a PROBLEM. We don't know what the future brings and that can be scary, but it also doesn't have to be hard. Even if you don't have a family of your own yet, it's always a good idea to plan ahead financially. Many of us have NEVER been taught to save. Rocking the latest fashions are cool, but NOT when you have $-100.00 in your account. Oh no boo, that's not cute!

26. Be with Positive People...
  • Surround yourself with people who are positive and with people who matter. Don't sweat the small stuff. Never settle for negativity in your life. Cut out gossip and mind your business. Spend your time with people who uplift you and appreciates you.

27. Apologize
  • If you hurt someone's feelings, apologize. An apology may not help ease the other person, but it will ease your frame of mind and release you of any negativity. Do what is right. If they do not accept your apology, you did what you could do and it's all on them. Apologize, you'll feel better!

28. Go with your Gut!
  • Intuition is GOD given gift and should not be taken lightly. If you feel that someone/something is not right, LISTEN. Never underestimate your gut - you will never be left astray, boo!

29. Enjoy Nature
  • Every now and then, when life hits us hard, just take a step outside and look at the beautiful sky or just to get some fresh air. We always seem to spend money just to have a good time. Everything fun doesn't have to cost money. A nice stroll outside can easily uplift your soul.

30. Forgive...
  • Learn to forgive. Believe me, I am the QUEEN of holding grudges, but I've learned over the years that holding on to such pain and anger only empowers to the other party(ies). Once you lift that burden off your shoulders, you will live a more positive life. Pray that the other person finds peace in their life. You will see a difference in your maturation.

• I learned a lot in my 30 years and I'm STILL learning, because there's always room for growth. Just because you are OLDER, doesn't necessarily mean that you are WISER...Even if you haven't figured everything out, don't worry... Sometimes things take time and time comes with maturation, IF YOU ALLOW IT. Don't be hard on yourself...Live life and love to the fullest!


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