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04 November 2016

The Trois... And how to deal with it.

Have you EVER loved two people at the same time?  You know... one person has your heart and another person has your mind. Now, you may say the person that has your heart is a no brainer, but that mind honey is something vicious and it's just as powerful as the heart. No matter who you're with, you always think about the other person.

I have a friend that is crazy about two guys. When she talks to me, I can tell that she is slightly torn between the two, but she loves the one she's been with the longest. However, the new guy gives her a little something different. He feeds her mind and excites her.

Some of you may have been in this predicament, some of you may not have been (consider yourself lucky). I know a few people, including myself, who have been in this situation and who are currently in this situation. Sometimes a person may start a new chapter without finishing the old one and to know how to move forward you have to know what you're leaving behind. When a person finds themselves in love with two people, it can cause stress, high blood pressure and the inevitable heartache. What do you do?

💘  You stress and with this comes anxiety and depression.

💘  You confide in your friends. Be please be careful of who you tell. Everyone doesn't have your best interest at heart.

💘  You worry about how others would see you.

💘  You have a constant mental battle of woman vs. woman. "What should I do?" and "Who should I choose?"

💘  You write down a pros and cons list of both guys, if that will even help you.

💘  You worry about who will get hurt emotionally post aftermath.

💘  You pray about it.

💘  You make a decision of who you will choose.

In my situation, I let both guys go....
It's just best to never start a new chapter without the closure of another.


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