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26 February 2016

Interview with Jasmine Kelsey

I have known this talented lady since our working days at (ahem) lol! missLady Magazine and she has done a beautiful job and she is only going to get better!! She did a feature of me in her magazine and it was nice seeing my feature in her magazine. She definitely brings mass awareness and eclecticism to her audience; it is just something WE need. I hope you enjoy.
I remember her working super hard for her

SoBeautyMarked: What made you decide to pursue your brand?
Jasmine Kelsey I’ve always been a writer- literally since elementary. My initial decision to pursue missLady magazine was to pull women in on the right levels of life, in hopes to encourage, empower and educate. I’ve witness women in some tight situations. Inspiration is needed for everyone, especially black growing women. We now cater to the entire African American community throughout Central Arkansas. THIS YEAR, we had to switch the brand from missLady magazine to mL Community and Life
style magazine. We didn’t roll with the women for too long when we realized that our entire cultural community needs to be encouraged, empowered and educated. It’s getting very serious for us and we will lose if don’t get it together.

SBM: What/who influences you? What/who doesn't?
JK - My biggest influence is the willpower of others. I love witnessing everyone working on their purpose, trying their best, surviving and making the best out of their dreams and situations. The fact that they’re WILLING to take these steps, do the impossible, focus and take that leap of faith is the reason that the magazine exists. Our slogan is “We ARE Because YOU Are” and that is so true in every word. It takes them to get our production flowing, from the sponsors to the features. I love that we need to find promising people and situations just to print another issue.
Now what takes the influence to an all time zero is the low attention span that our community has. People can’t keep up with anything in these days. I don’t mean keeping up with the fads and latest trends because we definitely have more followers than leaders. I mean the knowledge to work together and take hold of the power within us. It always about competition and who can do it better. Or the fact that they’re not willing to try something new- like reading a local black owned magazine. We have to focus on the real problem within our culture and that’s us! So many people will jump on an issue because it’s in the news and gaining publicity but the minute a distraction comes through, they forget what they were fighting for and have no idea how far behind we are when it comes to building a culture. We are selling ourselves short and the rest of the world is getting the best of it. We need to wake up as a culture. This type of ignorance and neglect makes we wonder if I’m targeting the right audience- black people. Thankfully, they are still many great individuals out here that DO get it and work just as hard as me to prove that we are capable of everything before us. We just need more!

SBM: Where did your passion for writing come from/begin?
JK -  I’m not sure where my passion came from. Since elementary, I’ve been writing and hoping someone would feel some type of way after reading it. I love reading too. Using my imagination between every word and enjoying a good read always made me want more! I wrote a book in elementary (misplaced it unfortunately), join yearbook staff in jr. high, wrote on yearbook and published in the high school newspaper and wrote and led my college newspaper my senior year- Editor in Chief! I couldn’t help myself, I wanted my writings to be read by somebody and they were! It is definitely a passion that I can’t help but to display. I love telling a story about something or someone- and I do it well! I guess it’s a part of the purpose God has given to me. I’ll accept because I can’t recall a moment where I know how it started- it’s been apart of me for so long. And English was not a favorite subject for me but reading different types of writing really inspired my creativity.
SBM: What was the biggest struggle with developing your blog? What was the best part?
JK -The biggest struggle with missLady was getting everyone else on board. Technology is taking over and conversations are become smaller and shorter with everyone. READING is a very big issue as well because it’s not the hottest topic for many like it is for me. People will literally tell me that they don’t read. How dumb does that sound? Their lack of attention is so disturbed that they’ll refuse to gain more knowledge, information or focus of life SIMPLY BY READING. They are so quick to ask the next person about what to do, where something is or who someone is before they read about on their own. Kinda sickening to see people do this everyday on social media and in public. It was said that if you want to keep something from someone (particularly black people), to put it in a book. the best part about starting the brand was my belief that it can work. I’m so glad I started this because I can still deal with the best of the culture and show everyone else how amazing it is. What’s even better is the fact that others are willing to accept us, support us and work with us. This includes the team of individuals who get the vision, the readers who love to be inspired and informed and the sponsors who take the time to sow into our journey. I know that if I keep at it, more people will come and we will grow bigger, better and higher. 

SBM: What about life inspires you?
JK  Journalism is so technical but that’s a good thing. There are so many ways to pull someone in with words. It can be with the first sentence or the first word. Writers can do so much to inspire others but they can also offend, piss off and cause trouble because many people will believe what they read or take it personal. But it has it’s positive attributes- people depend on journalism to tell them something that they don’t know. To keep them updated about everyone else and everything else. Its a great necessity for the world to anticipate. I’m glad that our production is meant to lead others in the correct direction. I’m proud that we have subscribers and many readers that can’t wait to see what we have available for them to learn, know or be empowered by.

SBM: How do you advertise your brand?
JK - We go everywhere. We are everywhere. We collaborate with other businesses throughout Central Arkansas. We  use social media a lot and we try out best to connect with other media out here. This year, we plan to expand more in that area so watch out, look and listen.

SBM: To what do you attribute your success?
JK - Consistency. We have to stay in the whirlpool of news. We are the media. Being relevant is a big deal and it pays. Service. It’s our job to serve our readers with worthy topics, great brands and information to keep them in tuned of our local community and lifestyle. We love to work for our sponsors too. They want to be a part of the fun and we have no problem including them in our success. Communication, Leadership, Punctuality and Involvement.

SBM: How do you handle life with so much negativity?
JK - I try my best to turn it around with positivity. I want to live an easy, understanding and peaceful life. In the beginning, I took negativity and let it control me. I believed that I wasn’t worth the time, love and respect. If someone told me no, I felt like I was losing. I’m so glad I grew out of that. With everything going on in the world, I can keep a confused look on my face. I can get mad and rant, rave or rally any negativity that comes my way but I don’t. Negativity is becoming something that can cured with personal happiness. I mean finding the good in all situations. Breathing easy and accepting  things for the better. Taking a “no” as something that could’ve been a yes- because you took the initiative to ask. There no way negativity can ever get in my way. It is available for those who don’t want what truly belongs to them- Peace and Happiness.

SBM: If you had any advice for someone starting their own business, what would it be?
JK - Once you start, you can’t stop. That you are closer to your dream with every step you take. No matter how big or how small the task is,  you are moving forward. Success is a though-process. Just thinking of your next move is success. Preparing your day is success. Making changes in your tone, approach and lifestyle is success. You are on your way because you think you can get there. And you will get there.
SBM: Describe your brand in THREE words:

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