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14 September 2016

The Life of a Sarcastic Woman... Sunny, but Stormy

I have been very sarcastic for as long as I can remember...ok, maybe 9th grade. living a life full of sarcasm can be fun, exciting, but relentless. I'm not saying that to say that I'm deadly or anything, but there are some people who can't read sarcastic people, like me, very well.

Daria | MTV

1. We are very soft-centered creatures.
We (as in, sarcastic women) are like Tootsie Pops. You know, we're like really mushy on the inside. You know, like that dog that looks mean, but once you pet it, it whimpers. Bottom line is, we have A LOT of feelings, ok?! DAMN!

2. We have can have nice things to say, sometimes....
Yes, I can go in on you and crack jokes, but guess what? We have 2X more nicer things to say to you, rather it's compliments or terms of endearment.

3. Whatever = I LOVE YOU... 
I am the QUEEN of "whatever." I say "I Love You" but not as much as I say "whatever."

4. We can be serious...
If something is bothering me, I will let you know and when I do, that will be the time to put all jokes aside and listen to us. After that, we can go back to cracking jokes.

5. We will laugh when you fall, but will help you up afterwards...
If you fall and I'm around, I will laugh at you, but my love for you will help you up. Don't get mad. If I leave you on the floor, then you should worry!!

6. When you are around, I knock you around
I really enjoy play fighting with you. That's just to show you how much I care. When you're not around, I'm really thinking about you. If I don't show you any attention, be afraid... BE VERY AFRAID....

7. We tend to act mean because we can't properly express ourselves...
Sometimes expressing myself is hard, especially when I don't know how he'll react, so I harden up, but sometimes this can be a downfall and I end up losing. I have been so hard for so long, it's tough to switch it up.

8. We are very emotional. You can't see that though.
I love you. I really do. I just don't want to get all mushy and shit. It gets on my damn nerves. Just know that I love you, ok?

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