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04 October 2016

Top 20 Things a Woman Needs to Own... in BLACK !!

I have links below on such items to give you inspiration, boo...

[1] Black Bra and Black Panties. Nothing tells your lover/boo/baby "I'm Ready" like a cute set. This will make them crawl over you.

[2]  Black Dress (like the one I'm wearing in this picture). A black dress signifies elegance and sexiness. You know like Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." If you have NOT seen this movie, please watch it. It's a true love classic.

[3] Black Nail Polish, girl! Now look, I'm not saying go all out with the Gothic look. Black nail polish does, however, add a certain mystery and eccentric charm. Do it, it's sexy!

[4] Black Heels. Leave the red pumps for the bedroom, boo. Black heels are for those women that demand respect in the streets without even SPEAKING a word, honey. Stomp those grounds so that "they" will hear you coming.

[5] Black Studs. I'm all for pearl or diamond studs, but your ears will definitely stand out in some black studs. Wear that hair up in a ponytail or a bun and strut yo stuff, girl!

[6] Black Leather Jacket. It's ok if you're not a rock star! I am not listing this item for that. I personally own a black leather jacket. It's not only stylish, but it keeps me looking slim and warm.

[7] Black Pencil Skirt. Baaaby, when I tell you that this is a sexy piece to add to your wardrobe..... Just get you one, ok girl...

[8] Black Blazer. I own two black blazers and they can quickly turn a white tank, dark denim jeans, and pink heels into an "outfit to remember"!!

[9] Black Clutch. I own a cute black clutch with gold studs on it. Whether it's a simple black one or one all blinged out, a cute black clutch just adds a classic style to your outfit.

[10] Black Shades. I love my black shades. It makes me feel Jackie O-ish. It's a definite sexiness and mystery to some black shades. I own about 4 different pairs.

[11] Black Turtle Neck. I absolutely love a great turtle neck. It elongates your neck and makes it look elegant, like a swan, lol...

[12] Black Denim Jeans. Flares, boyfriend, girlfriends, capris, skinny, bootleg, straight leg, high waist, cropped, whatever, girl... Go get you some.

[13] Black Flats. A cute pair of black flats will soften an outfit, but that's a good thing!! And it also slims your feet!

[14] Black Robe/Kimono. I love a cute black robe, especially silk. Drive him crazy girl or if you love on yourself *wink*

[15] Black Belt. A cute belt will not only accentuate your outfits but it will also slim your waist girl. Don't get caught slipping, literally.

[16] Black Scarf. I love a nice scarf. I own many colors, but black is a color I would wear in the fall or winter. You can wear black during ANY season though, boo.

[17] Black Hosiery. Ladies, these include pantyhose, tights, fishnets, leggings, or patterned hosiery. For obvious reasons, every woman needs a pair at least one of these items, in black. It gives your outfit a bit of freedom and privilege to be a woman, gracefully and sensually.

[18] Black Trench Coat. You show up at the boo's house. With your black trench coat. With your black bra and panties....underneath! Not only for that girl, but a nice trench coat will keep you warm and looking oh so sexy!!

[19] Black Blouse. Silk, sheer... whatever. Go to your local fab store and grab you one girl.

[20] Black Booties. Come on now! Do I really need to explain why you need these?

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